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takes the well-known logo of the decepticons and turns it into the head of a tiki –  a transformation in itself. The title of this work is a fusion of both 'decepticons' and 'tiki'. Maori have also been “transforming” over the generations as we are more and more influenced by not only pop culture, but also by other indigenous cultures. New developments in how we live today have also meant that some within Maoridom have had to question and update the old to co-inside with the new, thus transform the culture.


The sculptural piece itself is actually flat, and makes a small reference to Takashi Murakamis theory of the superflat. However my own theory is a little more specific concluding to what I call 'screen culture'. People of my generation have seen an increase of screen technology being used to disseminate information through the media, sitcoms, movies, games, social media and the web in general. The recent introduction of smart devices has also had a huge impact on this providing increased easier access to content shared through our screens. It won't be too far in the future where we start to see more of an integration of screens with our real view via augmented reality... and a complete takeover of our real world with virtual reality.

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