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a collection of tees that gained me joint winner of the tee section within the Miro Moda Indigenous Fashion Awards for 2011. For the second year this again gained me entry into the Miro Moda show within New Zealand Fashion Week held in Auckland.


Digimaori is a collection of tees that stem from customary Maori art and philosophy, technology and pop culture – a way to connect the now with the past to present the beginning. It uses augmented reality to show these connections. The collection represent the six most known sons of Ranginui and Papatuanuku; Tumatauenga, Tawhirimatea, Tangaroa, Tanemahuta, Rongo and Ruaumoko. So the concept behind the collection is a Maori Philosophical view point. The thing though is that philosophy is there yet not there – it is tangible but yet intangible. The designs on the tees visually reference customary Maori weaving patterns through more of a computer circuitry aesthetic. The augmented reality is there also – at least it’s there yet is not there just like philosophy and so there is a direct relationship with philosophy and augmented reality that fit well. And so, on the tees there are patterns that relate to the specific sons – so the kaokao pattern has a relationship to Tumataunga. When the wearer of the tee opens the Augmented Reality app they will see a 3D model of a carving of Tumatauenga appear over their tee that interacts with the wearer in 3D space. When the wearer moves the carving moves also. This has a relationship also to pop culture such as digimon and pokemon as those creatures are unleashed at certain times hence the name digimaori.





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