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“The workman has not done his duty, and is not working on safe principles, unless he… honours the materials with which he is working… to bring out their beauty, and to recommend and exalt… their peculiar qualities”

John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice Volume II: The Sea Stories, p391


Geo was a solo exhibition held at Helium Gallery, Rotorua in April-May of 2016. The works are about perception and perspective. The show sets out to offer an alternative to the conventional use of a drawing medium that is itself filled with history. Beginning in the shipping yard the humble crayon was later employed by artists to create their masterpieces.


The arrangement of lines with drawing materials such as pencils, pens, pastels and crayons on paper provide a window into an alternate reality… it provides an insight into the artist’s thoughts. However line does not actually exist in nature… only edges of contrasting spaces.


In Geo the 2Dimensional plane is filled with repeating 3Dimensional form of different levels, creating digital landscapes of pattern. The patterns themselves draw parallels between the Māori practice of tukutuku and contemporary digital imagery… the old and new geometry together as one. Like a pixilated image the pattern is hard to decipher… it is briefly visible then dissipates… the pattern is only visible through changing your own perspective.


molly morpeth  art award

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